Kiriya Kirihara

Kiriya Kirihara 2014


Kiriya Kirihara is a German illustrator and comic artist born in 1986 in Berlin.

She is main focused on designing characters, creating fantasy worlds with fantastic creatures and living beings but also admires sketching and drawing animals in both realistic and comical style.

Kiriya Kirihara started drawing almost right after doing her first steps at an age of three. Of course that was just the beginning. Visiting the local zoos and museums, she, quickly, improved drawing animals but stopped almost immediately when she started watching anime and reading mange. She then wanted to become a comic artist just like her favourite comic artists.

Her first so ever character design was developed of an age of thirteen and the first story followed quickly right after.

Nowadays, she is mostly known for her self-published original comic book series, called "Blessed" but also for drawing flying whales and a lot of handsome boys.



  • illustrations
  • comic and manga style
  • comic books & children's books
  • product & fashion designs
  • engineering detail drawings
  • corporate identities


copic marker | watercolor | photoshop | illustrator | indesign | clip studio paint